Traffic Signs Set

  • A small foot brand product
    small foot
    Happiness is made of wood! This is why small foot wooden toys make children so happy.
    • Exceptional design, made in Germany
    • Responsibility for quality and safety so children can play carefree
    • A love for wood - because it's a popular environmental winner
    • Playtime fun at a fair price - so that everyone can enjoy small foot
  • Highlights
    • A comprehensive set of wooden traffic signs
    • Has a stoplight, traffic cones, and construction barriers in addition to classic traffic signs
    • An optimal add-on product for fantasy-filled play with toy cars or wooden toy trains
    • Also ideal for learning traffic rules
    • Sturdy standing position thanks to the wide wooden bases
    • Realistic designs of international traffic signs
  • Product features
    Dimensions: Stop sign approx. 4 x 3.5 x 11 cm; traffic cone approx. 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.2 cm
    Brand: small foot
    Material: wood
    EAN code: 4020972117366
    Age recommendation: 3+
    Weight incl. Packaging: 0,38
    Page Main Catalog: 184
    Contents: 3 beacons, 1 traffic light, 2 pylon, 19 signs
    Packaging: small foot-coloured box
  • Product information
    Safety on the roads! These international traffic signs made of wood will bring order to the road and rail traffic in the nursery. The realistically designed street signs with sturdy bases not only regulate traffic in the play world - they also impart knowledge about important traffic safety rules in the sense of an early education about traffic. Comes with a double-sided traffic light which shows a red and a green phase.
    Who knows what a "Stop" sign looks like? International traffic signs and construction blockades are the ideal additions for wooden toy trains, toy vehicles, and parking garages!