Motor Skills World with Marble Run

  • A small foot brand product
    small foot
    Happiness is made of wood! This is why small foot wooden toys make children so happy.
    • Exceptional design, made in Germany
    • Responsibility for quality and safety so children can play carefree
    • A love for wood - because it's a popular environmental winner
    • Playtime fun at a fair price - so that everyone can enjoy small foot
  • Highlights
    • Motor activity cube with five playable surfaces
    • Diverse play possibilities with a shape-fitting game, sliding maze, gears game, marble run, and three interwoven bead mazes
    • Trains perception of shapes and colours
    • Promotes the development of dexterity and fine motor skills
    • Improves hand-eye coordination and inspires imagination
    • Cute animal motifs and fun details encourage curiosity and the drive to explore
    • Many different play options for long-lasting entertainment
  • Product features
    Dimensions: approx. 25 x 25 x 45 cm, height of the board 24 cm
    Brand: small foot
    Material: wood
    EAN code: 4020972106056
    Age recommendation: 12m+
    Weight incl. Packaging: 3,32
    Page Main Catalog: 57
    Contents: 1 motor cube, 4 plug-in elements, 3 balls
    Packaging: small foot-coloured box
  • Product information
    The game world of the little ones is very big! Many wonderful playtime ideas are brought together in this stable wooden cube - in addition to shapes for inserting and a string threading game, there is a marble run, a coordination game to learn numbers, and a wall of gears integrated into the cube.
    The entire set intensively trains motor skills and understanding of shapes, colors, and physics - but is also a lot of fun! The blocks and balls that are inserted into the cube can be retrieved through a small door in the bottom - and then put back in again. This motor skills cube is a great all-rounder for active young researchers who want to discover the world around them.
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