The Recipe for Success: Play Kitchens and Kitchen Accessories

The term "play kitchen" results in millions of results on search engines – today, there are play kitchens in all sorts of shapes and sizes, crossing the entire spectrum of colours, with nostalgic or modern designs, and made of plastic or wood. But what makes the perfect play kitchen? What are kids looking for in them, and what are parents paying especially close attention to for the purchase decision?

The answers lie in the new "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen from small foot!

As a Category Champion, end customer demands stood as the main focus during the development process: a durable wooden play kitchen in a compact format with carefully chosen functions that don't overwhelm children, and all that at a great, reasonable price-performance ratio.

Cooking, baking, savoring – The trending themes of today

It doesn't matter if you're experimenting with exotic ingredients or trying your hand at Grandma's old apple strudel recipe – being creative in the kitchen is totally trendy right now! We are striving for a healthy, nutritious diet now more than ever. And our children notice this: they develop a great joy in imitating what goes on in the kitchen at home and will want to cook up fantasy-filled meals for family, friends, and their stuffed animals. With the "tasty" Picnic Basket and the all-in-one "tasty" Camping Kitchen, this popular small foot product line has brought the trending theme of "Outdoors, Camping, and Outside Time" to playtime.

Product features that impress 100%:

The "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen is built to be especially stable and is ideal for both boys and girls with its neutral colour scheme with popular smoky blue and cognac-coloured handles. With the colour-coordinated accessories comprised of a pot with a lid, a pan, and kitchen utensils, playtime can begin! There's also a selection of ingredients in the form of richly detailed illustrations on the inner sides of the cabinet doors for the next favourite recipe. Pssst...have you heard? The rotatable knobs on the range and microwave make clicking sounds! And the light functions on the stovetop range and the exhaust hood deliver a particularly realistic playtime experience.

  • Sturdily constructed, modern play kitchen in the trendy colour "smoke blue" combined with cool, cognac-coloured leather grips
  • Immediately ready for playtime with the included pot with lid, pan, and metal kitchen utensils
  • Comes with metal washbasin and turnable "click" knobs
  • Incl. electronic stovetop range with light/sound and retractable exhaust hood with light symbol
  • 2-in-1: removable baking tray can also be used as a chalkboard
  • Surfaces in the refrigerator and oven printed with kitchen details for more playtime fun
  • Reversible rear panel with high-quality prints in a tile look or a simple blue
  • Can be perfectly complemented by other products and kitchen appliances from the "tasty" series

  • Wooden Toaster with pop-up function for the play kitchen
  • Incl. ample accessories comprised of 2 toast slices, a knife, a breakfast board, butter on a butter dish, and marmalade
  • Turnable temperature knob with "click" function
  • Board can be hung on the recessed area
  • Marmalade fits perfectly in the recessed spot on the breakfast board
  • Fits in especially well in modern nursery and living room ambiences with its balanced design and modern colour scheme

  • A modern toy coffee machine with 2 wooden coffee pods
  • Incl. 2 coffee-to-go cups and 1 sugar container with lid and spoon
  • With milk jug and 2 magnetic milk foam dollops
  • Particularly realistic playtime fun with dispensing coffee pods and milk foam topping
  • A complete set made entirely of robust wood
  • Balanced design and modern colour scheme fits in especially well in modern nursery and living room ambiences

  • A wooden mixer set in a light smoky blue, white, and with lots of natural wood
  • 2-in-1: Hand mixer + blender base = trendy kitchen appliance
  • Mixing whisk turns at the handle for realistic role-playing fun
  • Incl. fabric biscuits, butter, separable egg with hook-and-loop pieces, mixing bowl, rolling pin, pastry scraper and baking tray
  • Baking mix box with convenient rubber band latch and child-friendly "baking instructions" in the form of pictures
  • Fits in especially well in modern nursery and living room ambiences with its balanced design and modern colour scheme

What's more fun than cooking up fantasy-filled recipes in the play kitchen?

Enjoying them together in a lively dinner party, of course! With the "tasty" Crockery Set, all of the play food can be plated and served in a lovely scene. The play crockery set is comprised of lovingly illustrated place mats / table sets with which young children will learn how to properly set the table! The flat plates, cups, and robust utensils made of solid wood round out the set. And the highlight? The differently-coloured wooden discs symbolise the various drinks.

  • A modern crockery set including plates, cups, flatware, and place mats for two people
  • Offers additional learning effects with printed place mats that show how to properly set the table
  • Modern look with linear shapes and a combination of natural wood with the trendy colours of smoky blue and berry red
  • Harmonises perfectly in colour and design with the Compact Play Kitchen "tasty" as well as other kitchen accessory products from the "tasty" product line
  • For particularly realistic role-playing fun in the children's play kitchen

"tasty" Picnic Basket – The perfect companion for a trip to the meadow or garden!

What's lovelier than putting on a great picnic with Teddy Bear and friends out in the fresh air? With the "tasty" Picnic Basket, it's this simple: spread out the blanket and make yourself comfortable.

  • Modern toy picnic basket made of robust wicker incl. plates, cups, utensils, and toy food made of wood for two people
  • Comes with foldable handles and a matching picnic blanket
  • Incl. two cuttable toy food items: an orange and croissant held together with hook-and-loop pieces
  • The basket's inner lining can be removed and is easy to clean
  • For particularly realistic role play in the theme of the kitchen, food, and picnics
  • Promotes the development of fine motor skills, social skills, and everyday skills
  • Modern look with a combination of neutral white, natural wood, and popular trend colours
  • Complements the Compact Play Kitchen "tasty" as well as other kitchen appliances and accessory products from the "tasty" product line in colour and design

The "tasty" Camping Kitchen – The perfect equipment for a camping trip!

  • Compact play kitchen in a camping bag made of robust moulded wood
  • Multifunctional and usable as a tabletop kitchen, camping stove, grill, washbasin, and oven
  • Incl. kitchen towel, pan, pot with lid, grilling tongs, and spatula
  • Includes rope carrying grip, magnetic latch, and turning knobs
  • Comes with 2 cardboard sheets have food/ingredients and double-sided baking tray (pizza/grill)
  • Flipping the kitchen over and inserting the water faucet turns the kitchen into a washbasin
  • Accessories can be stored securely in the case after play to save space
  • Colour-coordinated with the "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen and goes together great with other kitchen toys from the "tasty" product line

"tasty" Coffee and Tea Set – Time for a coffee break!

With this modern Coffee and Tea Set, Scandinavian design moves into the children's play kitchen!

  • A comprehensive, complete set in the theme of "coffee and tea time in the children's play kitchen"
  • Made of robust wood
  • Incl. cups, plates, coffee spoons, a sugar bowl, milk jug, toy food (coffee cream, a tea bag, blueberries, muffins, and drink discs)
  • With cake plate
  • Clear shapes, soft edges, modern colours, fancy gold-coloured handles, and lots of visible wood define this set
  • Cream and blueberries have a magnet function; milk jug's lid is removable
  • Goes together perfectly with the colour-compatible "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen and many other toy kitchen appliances and play sets from the "tasty" product line
  • Trains everyday skills and social skills during fantasy-filled role play

Wood – More than just a work material

The robust natural material of wood offers long-lasting playtime fun and often accompanies children over years of their lives; it's not uncommon for particularly special wooden toys to be passed down from generation to generation. This warm, cozy raw material speaks to the senses and looks great in every nursery with its calm, timeless design. It's the number-one choice for young kitchen fans! The "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen, "tasty" Mixer Set, "tasty" Toaster Set, "tasty" Coffee Machine Set, and the "tasty" Crockery Set from the tasty product line are part of Legler's Category Champions! All of the relevant end customer demands, wishes, and needs stood in focus during the development of these new small foot innovations. Discover other small foot brand products which are Category Champions here – you won't find these anywhere else on the market.

Good to know! 💡Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • Role-playing in the play kitchen is an interaction of all the senses!
  • Children will train their (fine) motor skills
  • Psycho-motoric coordination skills and perception will be trained
  • Trains speech development
  • Develop a refined sense for the welfare of others
  • With its compact shape, this play kitchen can also be set up in the family kitchen at home, providing plenty of excitement while the grown-ups are cooking, too!
  • The play kitchen and accessories are purposefully made with a calm design so as to inspire children's imaginations – not overwhelm them!

What else is on the shopping list?

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