Wild big game for the nursery – With nursery furniture and equipment from small foot

Multifunctional nursery accessories with a dash of adventure and an extra serving of play value

Things are getting wild in the nursery! With the new nursery accessories from the "Wildlife" product line, you can turn any nursery into the Serengeti in no time! Whether it's the giraffe slide, the rolling toy box with a zebra look, or the elephan-tastic toy box – the new nursery gear from small foot can do so much more than just look great!


A world in which tidying up and storing things is as much fun as playing!

Create an exciting environment for young explorers

At small foot, everything revolves around making the nursery a place in which playing, learning, tidying up, and fun are all seamlessly interwoven. To that end, the durable wooden "Wildlife" eye-catchers combine imagination and functionality for boundless playtime fun. Nursery decorations, designs, and organisation have never been so much fun as with the giraffe, the zebra, and their friends – and they're a wise choice for parents that want to create a functional and lovingly designed space for their children.

🦒 Indoor Giraffe Slide – Wild sliding fun all the way down!

This friendly giraffe accompanies her visitors on exciting sliding adventures with a happy smile on her face! This toddler slide is an open invitation to fun-filled sliding parties while transforming into a stage for imaginative play on the wide plains of Africa.

  • High-quality toddler's slide made of sturdy wood for indoor use
  • Side pieces act as handholds and handrails
  • With rounded edges
  • Sturdy legs and feet for a stable standing position
  • Ladder steps are ideal for small children
  • Landing board at the end of the slide provides a gentle conclusion to every sliding session
  • Safe, multifunctional, and environmentally sustainable – An eye-catcher for any modern nursery
  • Goes together well with other nursery accessories from the "Wildlife" product line

🦓 Zebra Toy Box with Wheels – A practical tidying-up assistant & loads of fun during play

The toy box with a zebra design is not just a storage wonder – with its wheels, it's also ready to be moved all around to wherever adventure calls. Behind the striped patterns lies a treasure chest full of play possibilities. Young adventurers can let their imaginations unfold and embark on a trip into the world of play and games.

  • Multifunctional toy box in the form of a zebra made of robust wood with casters
  • Generous interior storage space with removable lid
  • Can be pushed by the handle
  • With a rope for pulling
  • Pinch protection on the front side
  • Rear side with flap door and practical opening/closing mechanism
  • Rubberised wheels for quiet, gentle rolling
  • Goes together great with other accessories from the "Wildlife" product line.

🐘 Much more than just "awooo"! Toy box with a seat and wheels combines functionality & looks

With a seat surface, rolling wheels, and plenty of space for storing those important treasures, this elephant wonder is perfect for young explorers. Children can sit down, read, play, draw, and then have fun tidying up afterwards when they "hide" their treasured toys inside this enchanting elephant. The brave gentle giant easily rolls wherever young, aspiring animal trainers need to go.

  • Multifunctional toy box in the form of an elephant with concealed 360° casters and an integrated seat
  • Upper storage compartment has a flap door with pinch protection
  • Lower storage space has a flap door with a practical closing mechanism
  • Front side offers space for books, writing utensils, and other small items
  • Retractable pole can hold a roll of paper
  • Felt ears conceal secret openings on each side
  • Elephant's mouth can be used as an insert point for small items
  • Goes together great with other nursery accessories from the "Wildlife" product line

4 good reasons why multifunctional nursery accessories are practical and sensible 💡

① Space-saving: Multifunctional nursery accessories allow you to use the limited space within a nursery more efficiently. They combine various functions into one single object, leaving more space for other activities or additional nursery furniture.

② Organisation: Toy boxes with added value contribute to an organised and tidy space. Children learn how to tidy up and store things more easily when they have specially designed storage spaces and shelves. Well-designed storage solutions bring improved designs to the nursery and allow children to be proud of their surroundings.

③ Encourage creativity and joy during play: Nursery accessories with versatile uses inspire children's imagination and creativity. They offer diverse possibilities for play and activities that promote the development of children's motor and cognitive skills.

④ Tidiness and cleanliness: Multifunctional nursery accessories help children develop good habits in the realm of tidiness and cleanliness. When they learn to store their toys and personal belongings in an orderly way, they'll be better prepared to do so later in life as well.


The nursery accessories of the "Wildlife" product line have joined the ranks of exclusive small foot brand products that have been 100% developed according to what parents and children want in terms of play idea, function, and design.

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