Introducing: "Discover" Explorer's Toys

💚🌳 Outdoor is trendy – and with the outdoor toys of the new "Discover" product line, the world right outside your front door becomes an exciting place full of adventure! The included research equipment encourages even the youngest kids to go on engaging explorations and observations in their own garden, in the forest, and in the fields.

The Expl'r'r's BackpackExplorer's Belt, and Explorer's Set are ideal companions for exploring nature in a fun way. With lots of visible natural wood material and designs in earth tones and natural green tones, the "Discover" explorer's toys are absolute must-haves for your outdoor assortment – especially because environmental sustainability and closeness with nature are trendy, particularly with parents who are looking for a balanced lifestyle with lots of exercise, fresh air, and curiosity for their kids.

🍂🍃🍂 Seasonal EXTRA Tip:  During late summer and fall in particular, families are going on exciting walks in the woods. Explo'er's toys offer kids lots of inspiration to accompany their parents on long walks and hikes – so use this increased demand for activity toys, including for the fall holidays!

Outdoor and explorer's toys are big hits and belong in every assortment!

For nature hikes & outdoor adventures!

  • Durable adventure backpack for young nature explorers with lots of attachment loops
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps and handy click buckles
  • Comes with a complete set of research equipment and an extra-large magnifying glass jar that can fit entire leave and branches with all their interesting inhabitants inside
  • Incl. insect jar with screw-on lid and integrated magnifying glass, wooden binoculars, insect net with telescoping pole, compass with a carrying cord, magnifying glass with an enlarging function, tweezers, a shovel, and a spring hook
  • Butterfly net can be attached to the backpack
  • Extra-large backpack compartment with wide-opening zipper
  • Particularly kid-friendly outdoor and explorer toys in appealing designs with lots of visible wood material and rounded edges
  • Goes together great with the "Discover" Explorer's Set and Explorer's Tool Belt

For nature explorers who love excitement!

  • Durable adventure belt for young nature explorers with lots of attachment loops, slings, and spring hooks
  • Adjustable belt with handy click buckles
  • Incl. signal whistle made of solid wood, magnifying glass with enlargement function, tweezers, compass, rope, and cotton bag for collecting things found in nature
  • Attractive design with lots of visible wood and rounded edges
  • Particularly kid-friendly outdoor and explorer toys
  • Goes together great with the "Discover" Explorer's Set and Explorer's Backpack
  • Sophisticated research equipment for exciting expeditions and observations right outside your front door
  • Ideal for kids who want to discover and experience a lot

All well-equipped stroll in nature!

  • A 4-piece complete set for young nature explorers
  • Very child-friendly outdoor and exploration toys in a convenient starter pack
  • Incl. wooden tweezers, clipboard with a chalkboard, butterfly net, and insect jar with integrated magnifying glass
  • Butterfly net pole can be extended
  • Appealing designs with lots of visible wood material and rounded edges
  • Goes together great with the "Discover" Explorer's Backpack and Explorer's Tool Belt
  • Sophisticated research equipment for exciting expeditions and observations right outside your front door
  • The magnifying glass jar is large enough that entire leaves and branches with all their interesting inhabitants can fit inside

Get a first experience with carving!

  • Stable outdoor children's knife with a single cutting edge for woodcarving
  • Short, sturdy blade (sharpened on one side) with a dull top
  • Compact size and wooden grip fit for children's hands
  • Incl. knife, knife sheath, carving block and gloves children's cut protection
  • Knife sheath made of robust fabric with hook-and-loop pieces and belt loop
  • Ideal add-on product to the "Discover" Explorer's Backpack, Explorer's Belt, and Explorer's Set
  • Particularly kid-friendly outdoor and exploration equipment
  • Attractive design with lots of natural wood and true-to-nature colours

Good to know when it comes to carving with children:

Keeping children far away from the dangers of sharp or pointy objects is one of adults' biggest drives. However, it's not necessarily desirable to constantly give in to this drive because knives and scissors are everyday objects that we often use. Children strive to imitate the "grown-ups", help them with tasks, and take part in what's going on. It's therefore actually much riskier if they gain their first experiences with knives that aren't meant for children alone and without parental knowledge. Children only develop risk competence gradually under supervision and with firm rules in place. A diverse set of experiences with various tools and materials will eventually make them routine and lead to more safety. Carving is valuable in an educational sense: it trains fine motor skills, endurance, creativity, self-confidence, and everyday skills. It's also a welcome opportunity to spend time out in nature. But this is important: those who want to carve need a sharp blade, since you need to use more strength with dull blades, which can lead to slipping. Even better are knives that also have a rounded tip to avoid puncture wounds. In order to keep small hands and other children or people present safe and healthy, it's crucial to ensure kids follow the most important rules when it comes to using knives and supervise their use.

Exploring the world with curiosity

  • Large magnifying glass for kids, suitable for outdoor adventures
  • Made of robust, FSC® 100%-certified wood
  • With 3x magnifying power
  • With child-friendly pass-through grip handle
  • Incl. elastic band for attaching to one's waistband or wrist
  • Rounded edges and high-quality manufacturing
  • Child-friendly outdoor exploration toy for imparting knowledge in a fun way
  • Goes together well with other explorer's toys from the "Discover" line

Flower press for young and old explorers

  • Sturdy Flower Press made of FSC® certified wood with legs
  • Two wooden panels, 8 cardboard sheets, and 16 paper sheets
  • Metal screws and nuts laid within wooden rings for a firm grip
  • Very easy to operate
  • Versatile uses such as pressing flowers, petals, leaves, and grass
  • Ideal basic piece of equipment for every crafting workshop
  • Practical aid for DIY projects using pressed natural materials
  • Drying period of approximately 5 – 10 days is recommended, depending on the flower or leaf

Clear view of beetles, caterpillars & co.

  • Sturdy insect observation box made of FSC® 100%-certified wood with air holes
  • Box with rounded edges and two transparent plexiglass sides
  • Movable plexiglass pane that slides up
  • Magnifying glass with 5x magnification power on the top side
  • Convenient rope for carrying with one hand
  • Observation room that can hold twigs and leaves
  • Child-friendly outdoor explorer's toy for having fun while learning about science
  • Goes together great with other explorer's toys from the "Discover" line

"Discover" provides opportunities for everything that has to be securely stowed and quickly retrieved again: on the big nature expeditions, all of the tools and parts can be stored in the extra-durable and wide-opening Explorer's Backpack; with the Explorer's Belt, young researchers will have their most important exploration equipment always right at hand wherever they are while keeping their hands free;  and with the convenient Starter Set, they can carefully capture and observe all kinds of small critters. And when you need sausage sticks for the evening bonfire with the whole family, or when a stick simply looks better with the bark removed, this child-friendly carving knife is always at hand.

Good to know! 💡 Even more arguments for the sales consultation:

  • Explorer's toys are particularly useful and educationally valuable gifts for supporting children's drive to discover
  • With high-quality manufacturing, these exploration tolls guarantee a long product life and all kinds of outdoor fun while keeping kids busy over a long period of time
  • Child-friendly outdoor toys made of wood offer an ideal introduction into the world of natural sciences
  • Explorer's toys support kids in kindergarten and preschool especially with their development of knowledge & skills
  • Exploration toys encourage kids to spend more time out in the fresh air and experience nature with all their senses
  • Explorer toys make kids want to accompany their parents on long walks and hikes
  • Using explorer's tools like tweezers or magnifying glass jar promotes the development of fine motor skills & concentration
  • Exercise out in the fresh air and collecting "outside experiences" is important for both physical and mental development
  • Leisure time out in nature offers the perfect balancing alternative to our highly digitised lives and lets kids calm down

The "Discover" product line is part of the Legler's Category Champions! Learn more about the term "Category Champion" and which small foot products are part of them here!