The new 2022 Catalogue is here!

Just in time for the biggest business season of the year, we present to you our new catalogue – filled to the brim with new small foot products for a strong-selling Christmas season!

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New product lines: Here are the new products

We're proud to present to you two new product lines from the baby toys and explorer's toys categories.

New products for the small foot product lines "fresh" and "tasty"

A new play kitchen and lots more accessory products in trendy colours are moving into the nursery with the other role-playing toys of the "tasty" and "fresh" product lines.

New growth for the small foot product line "Adventure"

The exercise and movement toys of the "Adventure" product line are true multi-talented toys. These visually complementary and perfectly combinable exercise toys offer ideal support for the training of balance, coordination, and motor skills for multiple age groups. All products are usable individually or as part of an entire obstacle course – exercise fun and adjustable difficulty levels included!

"4 Friends" - Board games for the youngest players

"Heinz" the rooster, "Fritz" the horse, "Olga" the cow, and "Schippy" the sheep – these are the 4 best friends from the farm that fill the parlour games of the "4 Friends" product line with life.
Repeating, child-friendly characters, loving and mutually complementary designs, and lots of visible wood material will make this line of games the new favourites in the nursery!

"Gold Edition" – Eye-catchers on the games shelf!

The extraordinarily lovely and modern, yet simple designs with fancy gold accents combined with lots of visible wood and trendy pastel colours will make these beloved classic games the new stars of any games collection! Pure gaming fun for the whole family!

Many new Category Champions

Our Category Champions have proven themselves to be especially successful in 2021 and 2022. That's why we're now bringing in many more new and exciting Category Champions to the small foot assortment! You can start looking forward to exclusive new product innovations for which we intensely focused on the wishes and requirements of end customers during the development process. Because at the end of the day, that's precisely what makes a product successful!


Once again this year, lots of multipliers and influencers will have their say! Our cooperation with well-known and influential bloggers continues to bear great fruit: small foot's brand awareness continues to increase among purchase decision-makers such as parents and grandparents. Come read what relevant social media influencers are saying about their favourite small foot products, and discover all of the blogger highlight products in the "Blogger's Choice" theme world.

Haven’t received your new catalogue yet?

Please request your free copy.
Contact us via telephone at +49 4221-97302-40 or via email: