-5€ | True "Power" Tools! Crank up your turnover now with workshop toys!

Home improvement is totally trendy at the moment – but it's not just the grown-ups who like tinkering. Even the youngest children will be grinning ear-to-ear with workbenches and similar toys, especially for Christmas! From hammering benches and hammering games for the youngest kids to workbenches and toolboxes, we've got everything in our assortment!

Hammering and sawing just like the grown-ups!

Older children can also get excited for a new set of tools! Our workbenches and similar toys with real, child-friendly tools will give kids a first chance to try out their manual skills while making crafting hearts soar.

Tinkering with the Mini Working Buddies!

Projects will go smoothly in the children's workshop with these – workbenches, tool kits, and play sets with exclusive Miniwob illustrations are hot-sellers! The little Miniwobs will tinker away on dreams and new ideas together with children and their imaginations.

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