The sales are in the decor! Get your share of lucrative additional business with Christmas decorations!

Who doesn't love the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas weeks? When it starts getting darker and colder outside, customers begin looking for decorative products to decorate and adorn their homes for a cozy and cuddly Advent. Whether it's decor products such as light-up stars, tree ornaments, or decorative figurines in wintry and Christmassy designs – In our "Autumn + Winter" theme world, there's something for everyone!

Get the hot-sellers for the pre-Christmas season!

The ideal waiting time shorteners! With the Forest Animals Christmas Play Set, the Wooden Manger Play Set, or the Winter Forest Advent Calendar, children will be well-accompanied through the exciting time before the holidays. Christmas spirit will move right in with lovingly designed decor products such as the Winter Dream Lamp, Star Singer, or the illuminated Christmas Market Huts.

Other special eye-catchers are the Skiing Adventure, Christmas Bakery, and Winter Dream Advent Calendars! With the filigree wooden carvings and figurines that can be lit up with LED lights, you can set wintry and Christmassy accents that give every room a cozy atmosphere. And small gifts can be put into the little drawers, too!