Crank up your turnover with the mini working buddies!

The Miniwob product group makes a great impression with realistic-looking toy workbenches and child-friendly tools in small foot's own in-house designs: environmentally sustainable and long-lasting playtime fun for creative girls and boys aged 3 years and up!

Hammering, sawing, screwing - Just like the grown-ups!

Home improvement is all the rage! DIY stores recordedan increase in sales in the past two years despite the crisis. Many people went on short-time work and stayed at home on vacation - finding time for postponed craft projects. The popular small foot Miniwob product line is a perfect response to this trend and hits the nerve of the times with its true-to-the-original workshop toys: role-playing toys that allow children to imitate what their parents do are very popular. The Miniwob series delivers the best sales arguments and convinces with an attractive product mix and the very good price-performance ratio. The workbench, toolbox, tool case, tool belt & Co. can be excellently complemented with each other and, thanks to the high wood content, ensure sustainable and long-lasting play fun for girls and boys.

Product features that impress 100%:

As Category Champions, the Miniwob products bring a whole collection of product highlights and USPs. For example, children can also take part in the assembly of the workbench which offers space for their first fantasy-filled sketches. The tool belt can be easily adjusted to the child's individual figure and is perfectly equipped for all projects with its adjustable pipe wrench and wooden spanner wrench. In the tool box are tools such as a carpenter's square with a spirit level and a handy toy electric screwdriver which has bits that can be swapped out via magnets. The construction set provides the children's workshop with the perfect creative toys for young, aspiring mechanics: with this wooden construction set, young tinkerers can let off steam creatively and create their own unique constructions.

Now new in the workshop range: the handy 2-in-1 wooden Miniwob toolbox, which is ideal for traveling thanks to the carrying handle and can also be used upside down as a mini-workbench for play fun in a small space.

2-in-1 Toolbox "Miniwob"

  • 2-in-1: Toolbox can be used as a mini-workbench when turned over
  • Incl. 5 wooden tools (hammer, spanner wrench, screwdriver, pipe wrench, clamp) and ample accessories
  • Accessories can be mounted via the holes in the toolbox
  • Children can even help with the assembly of the toolbox by mounting the handle
  • Endless play possibilities on a compact surface and when you're on-the-go

Compact Miniwob Workbench Prod. 11805

  • Comprehensive play possibilities on a compact surface
  • 5 wooden tools (carpenter's square, saw, screwdriver, wrench, hammer)
  • incl. vice clamp
  • Children can even help out with the assembly of the workbench
  • Stable storage spaces for tools and accessories keep things tidy

Miniwob Workbench Prod. 11806

  • Comes with small threaded boxes which can serve as tool holders or storage space for equipment
  • 8 wooden tools (1 circular saw, 1 toy electric screwdriver with three changeable bits, 1 spirit level, 1 bench vise, 1 hammer, 1 wrench, 1 screwdriver, 1 saw)
  • With chalkboard for sketching building projects
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Children can even help out with the assembly of the workbench

Miniwob Tool Belt Prod. 11807

  • practical tool belt with adjustable strap
  • easy to open and close click buckle
  • tool highlights: adjustable water pump pliers and wooden ratchet perfectly complement screwdriver and open-end wrench
  • different sized loops offer space for all included tools
  • extensive play possibilities in a compact space and on the road

Miniwob Tool Box Prod. 11808

  • Realistic accessories and tools such as the carpenter's square with a spirit level or a handy toy electric screwdriver which has bits that can be swapped out with the help of magnets
  • Flexible elastic bands in the tool box keep the tools in place, even when you're on-the-go
  • 6 wooden tools

Miniwob Construction Set Prod. 11810

  • Extensive construction set with hole bars, threaded cubes, screws, wooden sheaths and nuts
  • With wrench and screwdriver, all components are professionally assembled - there are no limits to your own creativity
  • Trains three-dimensional building
  • 67 parts

Wood - More than just a construction material

The robust natural material wood promises long-lasting fun and often accompanies children for years, and it is not uncommon for particularly beloved wooden toys to be passed down from generation to generation. The warm, pleasant raw material promotes the senses and fits timelessly beautiful into any children's room with the calm, workshop-typical design. The ultimate for little craftsmen! The workshop toys of the Miniwob product line are among the Category Champions from Legler! During the development process of these small foot wooden toys, the focus was on all market-relevant end customer requirements, wishes and needs of children and parents. Discover more small foot branded articles here, which you will not find a second time on the market as category champions.

Even more arguments for the sales consultation:

  • More important than ever: wood transmits significantly fewer germs than plastic
  • Workshop toys playfully promote the development of both fine and gross motor skills
  • Working on one's own ideas contributes decisively to the development of the child's imagination.
  • Workshop-typical color design that does not overwhelm children during play
  • Diverse and functional accessories for all products

Also fully in vogue: Scandinavian style works

With soft colors, clear shapes and a high visible wood content, the workshop toys of the small foot product line "Nordic" are convincing. Thanks to the restrained color scheme with pastel colors, the gender-neutral wooden toys fit in with any home decor and pick up on the current pastel trend.