5 € Discount | Play kitchens and play stores are the top-sellers for Christmas!

Classic role-play bestsellers have arrived as if on cue and belong under every Christmas tree! Play kitchens and play stores are particularly popular with children around Christmas. The cash register in the play store won't be the only register ringing with these multi-talents and guarantors of success in the role-playing segment along with their diverse kitchen and store accessories!

🏅 The Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" - The most versatile play store on the market!

The Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" - The most versatile play store on the market! Whether it's used as a play store, a kiosk, a snack stand, a market stand, a play kitchen, or a cafe - the Multifunctional Play Store "fresh" makes a great impression with its diverse usability. Its function can be changed and it can be repositioned in no time to reflect the space available and the play idea!

Increase your sales with the right accessories from the "fresh" series

Playtime will be perfect with the lovingly detailed and highly compatible play sets from the "fresh" play food series! The realistic toy food and drinks are the perfect addition to the Multifunctional Play Store "fresh". It's cross-selling with success potential!

We've got even more to offer!

Awarded with the German "spiel gut" seal, the XL Modular Play Kitchen impresses customers all down the line. This large, well-equipped play kitchen offers all of the kitchen appliances of a modern kitchen with its stove, sink, washing machine/dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and oven. Thanks to its modular system, it can be used as a corner kitchen, a kitchenette, or a kitchen with an island, and offers space for multiple children to creatively role-play at the same time.

What else is on the shopping list?

Come take a look in our "In the Kitchen" and "Play Store" categories! There's guaranteed to be something there for everyone's tastes. Secure your additional sales with the play cash register, the wooden scale, the shopping trolley, and more!

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