3+1 Offer | You'll be totally trendy with these small foot products

In addition to high functionality, purchase decision-makers place particular importance on the look of toys; a cool design is something that becomes a convincing purchase argument more and more. Come discover the most popular trend products from small foot!

Wilderness vibes for the nursery!

Sales-bringers with the strength of a gorilla offer gentle sounds and huge playtime fun! With the "Jungle" product group, popular wooden classics and bestsellers in savannah optics such as learning games, motor activities, and parlour games are moving in!
The trendy jungle crew come in ideal collections in the small foot Shelf Tray for your point of sale!

Our favourite colour? Multi-colour!

Wooden toys in rainbow colours are now more popular than ever! Rainbow toys from small foot are not just great eye-catchers in the nursery and on the toy shelf in the shop; they also offer diverse and versatile fun that train children's skills with stacking, sorting, and building while offering countless play possibilities.
Grab a rich selection from the "Rainbow Toys" theme world and bring some colour to your assortment:

Influential bloggers have their fingers on the pulse of the times and know where trends are going. As multipliers, they are also trendsetters with their impact on the community. small foot toys are popular with well-known family bloggers. Come discover which toys are hits with influencers and get the blogger highlight products for your assortment.