Doll Pram Swan

  • A small foot brand product
    small foot
    Happiness is made of wood! This is why small foot wooden toys make children so happy.
    • Exceptional design, made in Germany
    • Responsibility for quality and safety so children can play carefree
    • A love for wood - because it's a popular environmental winner
    • Playtime fun at a fair price - so that everyone can enjoy small foot
  • Highlights
    • A majestic-looking wooden doll pram in the shape of a swan
    • Mountable fabric canopy offers diverse play possibilities
    • Washable, reversible bed linens with an oversized blanket
    • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe riding that protects sensitive indoor floors
    • For dolls and stuffed animals up to 46 cm long
    • With fancy colour highlights in gold and pink
    • rounded edges and visible natural wood content
    • Sturdy construction and high-quality manufacturing
  • Product features
    Dimensions: approx. 51 x 30 x 54 cm,height of the handle: 50 cm
    Brand: small foot
    Material: wood
    fabric/ cloth/ textiles
    EAN code: 4020972122834
    Age recommendation: 3+
    Weight incl. Packaging: 3,64
    Spring brochure page: 28
    Packaging: small foot-coloured box
  • Product information
    This elegant wooden doll pram impresses on many levels with its simple swan shape, sophisticated gold and pink highligts, and visual details as well as the flowered, reversible bed linens. A functional highlight is the mountable fabric canopy which offers diverse play possibilities for fantasy-filled role play. The reversible bed linens with the oversized blanket ensures that dolls sized up to 46 cm can lay down comfortably. It has rubber-finished wheels for safe, quiet movement that protects sensitive floor surfaces.
    Ideal for versatile play with dolls and walks together! This high-quality, stable doll pram fits in the nursery stylishly and decoratively with its simple design and makes a great impression wth the visible wood material, the grip handle made of solid wood, and the washable cotton textiles. In addition, the rounded edges provide a particularly pleasant haptic experience.
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