🎪 Outdoor Teepee Tent for kids from small foot

The spacious small foot outdoor play tent made of robust wood and waterproof tent fabric offers young adventurers protection from the sun, wind, and rain – and most importantly, a perfect shelter and getaway spot for creative hours of play in the garden!
Under the table, in the closet, or inside caves made of blankets: children love to hide both indoors and outdoors. In their hideaways, young kids can often spend hours inside without getting bored. That's because of a simple principle: the simpler the toy, the more joy it brings children. An outdoor tent for kids is therefore a great choice: once quickly set up, it's the ideal spot for the most exciting role-playing stories or a place where they can relax when the world around them is too hectic.

This modern outdoor play tent offers plenty of interior space and reliably withstands even the wildest play scenarios with its twisting pole construction and solid wooden base. The upper tent covering is easy to attach thanks to hook-and-loop pieces. Includes a tent flap that can be rolled up or used as a curtain that can be affixed via hook-and-loop pieces.

Perfect backdrop for creative role play & stylish retreat

  • A spacious outdoor play tent made of robust, natural wood and waterproof tent fabric
  • An ideal retreat for hours of creative play in the garden
  • Sophisticated design with twisting pole construction
  • With solid wooden base
  • Lots of interior space
  • Tent covering can be easily and quickly attached thanks to hook-and-loop pieces
  • Includes an opening for a roll-up tent that can also be used as a curtain
  • Offers protection from the sun, wind, and rain
Tip: If the teepee is going to be set up for a longer time in the garden or remain outside in the winter, it's recommended to get weather protection for it!

For more playtime outside: 5 good reasons why a teepee is a great gift idea 💡

① Role-playing toys for the garden encourage kids to spend more time outside exercising and experiencing nature with all of their senses

Time spent playing outside is important for healthy physical and mental development

③ A play tent in the garden is the perfect counterpart to our digital-dominated everyday routines and allows children to calm down

Play combined with nature is particularly important to parents who value a balanced lifestyle with lots of exercise, fresh air, and space to allow for free play

⑤ Active role play trains children's imagination and creativity while also promoting the development of their speaking skills, expression abilities, and social and emotional skills during play with other children

Interior Trend: Outdoor teepees as a favourite indoor oasis of calm

Our children's living spaces have recently gone through significant changes, and an increasing number of parents are using nature as an important source of inspiration for modern nursery interior design. Instead of bright, jarring colours, there are many more natural nuances in today's nurseries. In addition to the colours of cream, sand, taupe, olive, and pastel tones, there's also environmentally sustainable materials and lots of natural, untreated wood. In the best-case scenario, part of the nursery setup also includes a place of retreat for cozy relaxation for the kids – for reading, playing, or just taking a break from all the action. Baldachins, teepees, and play tents are therefore one of the big nursery trends of 2023.

For this reason, the small foot Outdoor Teepee is not only the perfect outdoor toy and piece of garden equipment, but also suitable for the indoors and makes a great impression as a true eye-catcher in the nursery with its natural design. It's simply a very special kind of play house!