A new brand identity: Legler becomes small foot

The entrepreneur Philip Rosenthal once said, "He who stops improving has already stopped being good." In the spirit of this quote, there have been things happening behind the scenes of the toy manufacturer Legler. Since the start of the new year, the company has made the sweeping decision to re-brand itself and boost the brand awareness of small foot even further.

It's not always easy to be self-critical, but it's necessary and paves the way for ongoing further development. In past interactions with our customers and business partners, we've determined that the coexistence of our trade brand Legler and the product brand small foot can be confusing. To address this, we are eliminating the coexistence of the two brands and transforming Legler into small foot. This will be seen for the first time at the 2023 Spielwarenmesse toy trade fair in Nuremberg, which is finally opening its doors again after a two-year COVID-related break.

There are strong motives for the new look and feel: the company's message is becoming more clear and comprehensible for its customers, and the wooden toys have become the main focus of the business. With a clearer brand image and focused brand communication, we can generate significantly more reach and visibility while avoiding future instances of confusion.

  • The small foot brand is growing rapidly in the end customer segment! It is perceived more and more as a brand of environmentally sustainable wooden toys by the ideal target demographic (mothers aged 25 to 40 years old), as can be see in the following figures: 
    • For Google searches, the term "small foot" generates 4x more search requests than the term "Legler"
    • More than 55,000 people follow small foot on social media
    • In 2022, small foot achieved a total reach of 9,943,460 impressions
  • For the first time, our corporate strategy is centered on the product brand! Sustainable wooden toys are the focus of our business – and we are carrying this message to the rest of the world in 2023. We're dedicating a six-figure investment into the development of small foot's brand image in 2023. That is how we can generate even more demand for small foot products – also for you.
  • Together with you, we can and will reduce brand confusion and achieve lots more brand visibility and reach for small foot with clear brand communication!

"We're pressing forward with this milestone in our company history with lots of courage, plenty of excitement for the change, and confidence from the knowledge that 'business as usual' can lead to stagnation and regression. The 2023 Spielwarenmesse toy trade fair in Nuremberg will mark the birth of a new direction of brand communication for small foot, and we're looking forward to meeting our customers in person for this event and tell them more about this decision we've made," says Pascal Adam, Managing Director of Legler OHG small foot company.