Premium class doll furniture! The "Little Button" design series will provide a boost in sales in your role-playing segment!

A trending segment as a sales bringer - Come discover the small foot wooden doll furniture from the "Little Button" Series that combines Scandinavian design with high functionality with a finger firmly on the modern pulse. When it comes to girls' favourite toys, dolls are far up near the top of the wish list - but the role-playing is only perfect with the matching doll furniture and accessories! Today, Parents are giving their attention to lovingly designed, functional, and long-lasting products made of wood that children have fun with for a long time. And the furniture should also be optically appealing with consideration to the design - eye-catchers in the nursery and living area are in demand now more than ever. The "Little Button" series is totally in line with today's trend with its linear Scandinavian form and the reserved design!

Laying them down to sleep, swaying them, feeding them, and dressing them just like the grown-ups!

The popular small foot doll furniture assortment "Little Button" includes a doll's loft bed, doll wardrobe, a doll cradle, a multifunctional doll high chair, and a doll pram made of solid wood incl. gender-neutral, reversible bed linens. With their extraordinarily lovely yet simple design in a Skandi (Scandinavian) look, diverse functionality, and high-quality manufacturing, young doll "parents" will have all their wishes fulfilled. With stable construction, high-quality manufacturing, rounded edges, and visible solid wood elements, this doll furniture offers dolls and plush animals with sizes up to 46 cm a stylish play expansion for the nursery.

The new doll pram is the next Champion of the "Little Button" series!

2 in 1! With this modern doll pram, plush animals and dolls can ride facing either the direction of travel or towards the person pushing. The large storage space under the seat offers a place to store small bottles, a blanket, and other accessories.

Gender-neutral is in!

What is it with boys? You don't often see them with dolls - they usually prefer plush animals! And not every girl is crazy for dolls and loves pink, glittery things! What applies to them also applies to most parents: they prefer simple, white, gender-neutral doll furniture. With the "Little Button" series, you as a retailer will be filling a gap in your role-playing assortment and ensuring big sales!

Doll Pram "Little Button" Art. 11914

  • Can be used as a doll's pram with passengers facing forwards or backwards thanks to the foldable roof
  • Suitable for dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm long.
  • Rounded edges and visible solid wood elements
  • Gender-neutral, reversible bed linens with an oversized comforter
  • Whisper-quiet wheels for a quiet, safe ride and protection of sensitive indoor floors

Doll High Chair "Little Button" Prod. 11814

  • Usable as a doll high chair or as a chair/table combination
  • Suitable for dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm long.
  • Rounded edges and visible solid wood elements
  • Simple, gender-neutral design

"Little Button" Doll's Loft Bed Art. 11811

  • Usable as individual beds or as a loft bed stacked on top of one another
  • With bed drawers to store doll accessories
  • Gender-neutral bed linens
  • Oversized blankets

"Little Button" Doll's Cradle Art. 11813

  • Usable as a rocking cradle and a lounge chair
  • With canopy and mobile
  • Skids and canopy are removable
  • Gender-neutral, reversible bed linens, oversized blanket

  • Wooden doll crib in a Scandinavian look
  • With gender-neutral bed linens
  • Oversized blanket
  • For dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm in size
  • Ergonomic play thanks to the raised doll bed surface
  • Rounded edges and visible solid wood pieces
  • Sturdy construction, high-quality manufacturing
  • The Scandinavian linearity, minimalist colour scheme, and repeating design elements of the "Little Button" doll furniture series results in a harmonious, holistic appearance

Explore the world together with your favourite doll!

  • 2-in-1 push-along doll pram made of wood in a Scandinavian look
  • Push handle adjustable to two positions
  • Supports novice walkers during their first steps
  • Rubberised wheels for safe, quiet rolling that protects sensitive indoor floor surfaces
  • Gender-neutral bed linens and oversized blanket
  • Suitable for dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm in size
  • Rounded edges and visible solid wood pieces
  • The Scandinavian linearity, minimalist colour scheme, and repeating design elements of the "Little Button" doll furniture series results in a harmonious, holistic appearance

Product features that impress parents 100%:

  • Modern, streamlined language of form
  • Scandinavian design, minimalised form, and restrained colour scheme
  • Repeating graphic elements on the cloth components underscores the character of the series and supports cross-selling
  • High-quality manufacturing and stable construction
  • Visible solid wood elements and rounded edges for a great feeling in the hand
  • For dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm in size

The "winners" of their category!

The "Little Button" doll furniture is one of Legler's Category Champions! All of the market-relevant end customer requirements, wishes, and needs were in focus during the development process of this small foot innovation. You won't find other doll furniture of this kind a second time on the market. Learn more about the term "Category Champion" and which other small foot products are part of them here!

Playing with dolls promotes children's development

Dolls as well as plush animals are loved deeply and intimately by children, and are often lovingly cared for, fed, swaddled, and even consoled when needed. Playing with dolls has been around for centuries and is valuable and important for children's development from a pedagogical standpoint. 
Even young children can understand that Mum and Dad can't always be by their side all the time with no break. This process of separation can be difficult for children, but it's an important step in the development of their personality. It's at this very point at which plush dolls and dolls come into play because they can console the little ones when Mum and Dad aren't at arm's length. Children often build close relationships with their doll or plush animal that can last for years, and they seek consolation, warmth, and a feeling of security when cuddling with the trusted object.

Important role-playing

In addition, children learn important social skills when playing with dolls. When children play "house" (mother-father-child) - or other family constellations - they imitate the experiences they have from day to day. When role-playing, children take on the role of the parents while the dolls become the new "me". The young ones learn to put themselves in the shoes of the caregiving person, exercise empathy, social togetherness, and how to process feelings and experiences. At the same time, children learn to take on responsibility and deal with things in a loving manner. That's particularly helpful if a young sibling is on the way or has already arrived.
Last but not least, playing with dolls trains motor skills when dressing and undressing them, changing their diapers, feeding them, or moving them around and carrying them - that's all perfect for the development of their fine and gross motor skills! And the boys? Young men tend to play with teddy bears and plush animals instead - and they're equally important soulmates!