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The Recipe for Success: Play Kitchens and Kitchen Accessories

Richly detailed, stylish & environmentally sustainable: the new "tasty" Compact Play Kitchen from small foot

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All-in-one, new, and exclusive: The Super-Large Pets Motor Activity Cube

It's an XXL story of friendship between animals for your motor activity assortment!

5 € Discount | Play kitchens and play stores are the top-sellers for Christmas!

The No. 1 Christmas Gift: Play Stores & Play Kitchens. Get them while you can!

Premium class doll furniture! The "Little Button" design series will provide a boost in sales in your role-playing segment!

A stylish eye-catcher for the nursery and the living area are in demand now more than ever!

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Be the most well-prepared: Here are the bestsellers for St. Nicholas Day and Christmas!

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-5€ | Perfectly prepared for the fall and winter: Wooden doctor toys will really give your sales a booster shot!

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„Adventure“ - Must-haves fürs Motorik- und Bewegungsspiele-Sortiment

Gymnastics for kids & an obstacle course at home – A massive trend!

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-5€ | Parlour games are the sales boosters of the fall

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