Magnetic Game Dress-up Doll Magda

  • A small foot brand product
    small foot
    Happiness is made of wood! This is why small foot wooden toys make children so happy.
    • Exceptional design, made in Germany
    • Responsibility for quality and safety so children can play carefree
    • A love for wood - because it's a popular environmental winner
    • Playtime fun at a fair price - so that everyone can enjoy small foot
  • Product features
    Dimensions: approx. 30 x 18 x 3,5 cm
    Brand: small foot
    Material: wood
    EAN code: 4020972014283
    Age recommendation: 3+
    Weight incl. Packaging: 0,8
    Special features: Product with magnetic function
    Puzzle box with different puzzles
    Contents: 7 tops, 7 shoes, 6 pants, 4 skirts, 7 dresses, 4 hats, 3 handbags, 1 bunch of flowers
    Packaging: Item in foil wrapping
  • Product information
    The cute magnet doll "Magda" has 34 clothes pieces in her luggage and is waiting to be dressed up. Positioned on a wooden base, Magda is ready for her first outfit. The magnetic clothes pieces only have to be pinned on the correct spots. The magnets offer the perfect outfit for every occasion.
    Magda is a special doll to dress up. You can style her with many different dresses and accessories on magnet foils. With the shoes, trousers, shirts and dresses fashionable outfits can be assembled for events like gala concerts or beach parties.