An entire obstacle course for the garden – With the Obstacle Hurdles from small foot

Playing "horse" is a favourite pastime for horse fans of all ages! The small foot Hurdle and Cavaletti Set made of solid wood are designed on a 1:1 scale to real horse hurdles and bring 100%-authentic jumping fun when playing "horse" in the garden. As soon as the first warm days of the year arrive, children are looking forward to being able to play outside again. There's hardly any boredom when hopping, jumping, and running around – especially when age-appropriate wooden garden toys offer all kinds of opportunities to bring the kids' own play ideas to life with just a little imagination.

Playing "horse" is particularly fun for children when the role-playing equipment they have is truly realistic – whether they're jumping around by themselves or playing with the hobbyhorse! That's why the bars of the small foot hurdles with adjustable flags can be decorated and fall down when hit, just like a real horse obstacle. The two fixed hurdles are also built just like real horse cavaletti obstacles and can be used flexibly – with the bar at the lower position for small jumps or as a trotting pole, standing up for one small jump, or stacked on top of each other to build a higher obstacle.

🐶 Extra Tip: The robust small foot children's hurdles made of wood are also ideal for dog agility training and many other exercise games in the garden! When combined with multiple other sets, you can quickly make your own obstacle course in the garden!

Run, horsey, run – Playing horse with the Obstacles Set is lots of fun

  • Jumping hurdle for kids made of solid wood
  • With 2 hurdle poles and 3 decorative flags
  • Jump height variable between 20 and 70 cm
  • Pole holders with solid base and printed height measurements on both sides
  • Ideal for hobby horsing
  • Also suitable for dog agility training and other exercise/movement games
  • Multiple obstacle sets combined with the Cavaletti Obstacle Course Set (Prod. 12397) make one big jumping course
  • Natural wood combined with modern, trendy colours

Hop, hop, hop – Have a blast exercising with the Cavaletti Obstacles Set

  • Two toy cavaletti made of solid wood
  • For the children's obstacle course outside & inside
  • Ideal for hobby horsing
  • Also suitable for dog agility training and other exercise/movement games
  • Usable in two different variations/heights
  • Can be combined to make one tall obstacle
  • Multiple Cavaletti sets combined with the Obstacle Course Set (Prod. 12398) make one big jumping course
  • Natural wood combined with modern, trendy colours

The trend of hobbyhorsing: Riding hobbyhorses gets kids moving around outside in the fresh air

Hobby horsing comes from Finland and is becoming more and more popular in many places. In hobby horsing, kids act out various activities from horse-related sports, such as vaulting or dressage riding, with a hobbyhorse. This gets kids moving and increases their interest in the topics of horseback riding and horses. Hobby horsing offers parents, caretakers, and teachers numerous opportunities to teach kids about how exercising can be fun without having to be experts or fans of horses themselves. It's an absolute trend sport for kids aged three years old and up in which creativity, play, and fun are the focus. With a jump distance of 87.5 cm, the small foot hurdles are ideally suited for hobby horsing, and the two small foot Cavaletti obstacles can also be jumped over with a hobbyhorse.

4 good reasons why playing "horse" in the garden at home is a great idea 💡

① Exercise games and role play in the theme of horses encourages kids to train their motor skills and have brand-new experiences with exercise. The result is increasing body control through jumping, running, and hopping.

② The highly challenging nature of playing in a group strengthens children's social skills because children automatically form connections with and take consideration of the others during role play.

③ Playing "horse" allows children to create their own worlds with imagination and lots of creativity.

④ Depending on the exercise or movement being done, there are various training effects, such as training jumping strength when leaping over hurdles or training coordination when trotting over obstacle poles lying on the floor.

The Children's Cavaletti and Obstacle Set for Kids are exclusive small foot brand products that are developed by the small foot design team so that the play idea, function, and design is 100% focused on what parents and kids want.

Wooden toys for the outdoors: Even more toy ideas for young, aspiring horseback riders

A wooden horse is a popular garden toy and an outstanding gift for children who will have loads of long-lasting fun with it. Available in two different sizes from small foot, young ones in kindergarten age (3 years old and up) can practise riding, vaulting, and running obstacle courses on a toy horse and maybe discover a new hobby that transforms into real horses when they're older. And the youngest pony fans and horse friends aged 18 months and older love to "ride" through the air in a horse swing.