small foot Fire Brigade Backpack and Chainsaw 🔥

The clothes make the person – But the nursery's fire brigade can really march forward with the right equipment! With the new small foot Fire Brigade Backpack and toy Chainsaw in a fire department look, young aspiring fire rescuers are sure to be stylishly equipped.

The fire brigade is here! Children love to slip into the roles of their everyday heroes! The practical small foot Fire Brigade Backpack with its comprehensive set of fire rescue equipment and all of the important wooden tools allow kids to act out an exciting fire rescue mission during role play and transform into courageous heroes! And they're great for when you're on-the-go, too! A great accessory to the Backpack is the wooden Chainsaw in fire brigade colours with which every young fire rescuer can take on their very own missions.

Functional design paired with lots of wood & playtime value: The Fire Brigade Backpack from small foot!

  • Realistic fire brigade backpack in emergency colours with adjustable shoulder straps and fire brigade equipment made of robust wood
  • With double zippers, rubber insert slots, and a click belt for securing accessories
  • Incl. water sprayer with rope ( hose )
  • The hose/rope parts can be attached to the backpack, turning the backpack into a portable water tank
  • With wooden axe and crowbar
  • Incl. large, adjustable plastic helmet
  • Comes with a toy radio, megaphone, and foldable hazard sign with a chalkboard surface
  • Great add-on product: The Chainsaw (12362)

You just can't leave out the Chainsaw for the fire rescuers in the nursery!

  • Sturdy, child-friendly chainsaw made of robust wood with a fire brigade theme
  • With a starting cord that retracts with sound and vibration
  • With large grips that can be easily grasped by children's hands
  • The perfect add-on item for the Fire Brigade Backpack (12361)
  • Ideal role-playing toy for when you're on-the-go

👨‍🚒🧯🔥 An extra helping of role-playing fun thanks to an extra helping of accessories made of wood:

A chainsaw, axe, and crowbar made of wood, a wooden water hose with a lever and rope that can be attached to the backpack to turn it into a carry-ready water tank together with a toy radio, a megaphone, and a foldable wooden warning sign with a chalkboard surface – with all this, the two Category Champions - the Fire Brigade Backpack and Chainsaw - with their robust and haptically pleasant wooden tools are a modern and environmentally sustainable addition to your role-playing and rescue worker toys assortments, and they are a great alternative to the loud, blinking fire rescue toys made of plastic! Parents are placing more and more importance and preference for toys made of sustainable materials without having to sacrifice their look and functionality!

Good to know! 💡 Even more selling points for the sales consultation:

  • When role-playing, children learn and practise adhering to rules – especially when it comes to the important topics of the fire brigade and fire safety.
  • Role play helps kids to process experiences and reduce any possible fears – for example, if they experienced a fire in their neighbourhood or saw one on TV.
  • Knowing to call 112 or 999 and knowing how to report an emergency and behave in such a situation can save lives. Role play offers an opportunity to approach the topics of fire and fire safety with children.
  • Role play and putting yourself into other personalities is one of the most significant motors of development for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old.
  • When role-playing, children have to think of a "plot" – which challenges and trains their imaginations.
  • Children develop their speech and expression skills in active role play.
  • Playing with other people teaches children about cooperation and social skills, since the participants all have to work together to decide who fills which role.
  • During role play, children get a view into the world of adults and their duties and roles and understand them better when they act out different occupations in a fun way.
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of others helps with emotional development.