Everything's "fresh" in the small foot play store!

This modern wooden play store is multifunctional and makes a wonderful impression with the perfect accessories!

small foot role-playing toys from the "fresh" product line in the theme of a play store make a great impression with their multitude of play possibilities combined with a modern look and lots of visible natural wood material. Toy food sets and accessory products made to match with the store create a visually harmonious overall appearance and offer an extra portion of cross-selling potential, since parents are placing more importance on environmentally sustainable wooden toys – without having to sacrifice their look and functionality!

The small foot Category Champions - the "fresh" Multifunctional Play Store"fresh" Compact Play Store, and "fresh" Cash Register - are all made of wood and are the absolute crowd favourites when it comes to the theme of buying and selling food in the nursery during active role play. And a big reason for this is because they go together so well with the many accessory products, such as the "spiel gut" awarded "fresh" Ice Cream Stand, the "fresh" Ice Cream Holder, or the various toy food made of wood such as the Cuttable Vegetables, Sandwich Cookies, or Baked Goods Set.

Play Store with a room-within-a-room concept – Can be adjusted to fit the space needs of the nursery!

  • Compact wooden store with removable fabric awning
  • Modularly constructed
  • The various parts can be pushed back together after play
  • Comes with storage surfaces and compartments – despite its compact size, there's plenty of space to store all kinds of accessories
  • Incl. writable chalkboard with chalk shelf
  • Rounded legs and edges on the front counter provide additional safety
  • Goes together great with other toy food from the "fresh" product line and the Small and Large Wooden Boxes (items 1808 and 1807)
  • Modern and simple Nordic design with lots of visible wood material

One place for everything – Play store, kiosk and food stand, market stand, kitchen, or cafe? With this, kids will never have to choose just one!

  • Can be used as a kitchen, play store, kiosk, market stand, or food stand
  • Plenty of accessories incl. scanning area, water spigot, coffee machine, washbasin/cash register, grill/stove top/conveyor belt, oven/refrigerator
  • Modular construction
  • Various parts can be pushed together to save space
  • Offers multiple children space to play
  • Goes together great with other toy food from the "fresh" product line and the Small and Large Wooden Boxes (items 1808 and 1807)
  • Modern and simple Nordic design with lots of visible wood material
  • Removable awning cover

Entering numbers, paying, scanning. Cash or credit? Everything's possible with the "fresh" Cash Register!

  • Plenty of accessories incl. hand scanner, tearable paper receipt roll, rotatable monitor, real calculator, bank cards,product cards, and 15 double-sided wooden money pieces
  • Large register drawer that opens up
  • Comes with 5 double-sided product cards that can be inserted into the top side of the monitor
  • An existing play store or play surface can be turned into a product scanning area in seconds thanks to the stick-on scanning surface
  • Incl. wipe-away marker for signing on the plexiglass surface when paying with a card
  • Playfully practise counting and maths with the aid of the money pieces and fruits/vegetables illustrations
  • High-quality production from solid wood and plexiglass, complements the "fresh" product line, and goes together well with many other products from the line
  • Simple, modern, Nordic design with lots of visible wood material

Let's go to the ice cream cafe! Wooden ice cream toy sets are the perfect addition to the play store – and not just in summer!

  • Ice cream scoop and soft-serve ice cream/whipped cream dispenser with magnet function
  • 8 different "flavours" of ice cream, from ice lollies and ice cream scoops to soft-serve ice cream
  • Stackable ice cream scoops equipped with magnets
  • Freezer for ice lollies with transparent lid with a stopper
  • Gender-neutral, subtle colour design with lots of visible wood material
  • Large and small ice cream cones, ice cream bowl with spoons plus decorative waffle pieces and decorative cherries for inserting
  • Accessories stand with little flag and a chalkboard
  • Ice cream display area with plastic viewing window, colour-coded ice cream compartments for the ice cream scoops with matching colours

🥕 Modern Play Store Accessories – When it's gotta be healthy and veg!

The well-sorted play store in the nursery now also features toy vegetarian food made of wood so the kids can make yummy meatless meals in the play kitchen! This comprehensive set of toy food includes common food and drinks made of wood that are an important part of realistic role play in the theme of a balanced vegetarian diet. The highlights are the rice and noodle packaging with viewing windows as well as the cotton shopping bag with a food pyramid printed on it so that kids can learn dietary skills in a fun way!

♻ Reduce, reuse, recycle: Environmentally sustainable packaging in the play store is trendy!

small foot cuttable toy food in a practical sales display – now that's something new! With this toy food, practising everyday skills is even more fun because the food packaging made of sturdy cardboard can be easily turned into a practical sales display. This teaches kids how to handle resources in a sustainable way, which is true to the global mega-trend: Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Good to know! 💡 Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • A play store is a sensible and educationally valuable gift that can always be enhanced with other items.
  • With high-quality manufacturing, the fresh play stores offer loads of role-playing fun and keep kids entertained for a long time.
  • Child-friendly role-playing toys in the theme of kitchen and shopping playfully train everyday skills and support kids in their acquisition of knowledge and vocabulary.
  • The playful handling of money and toy food gives kids a first experience with basic financial skills of real life.
  • Playing in play stores allows children to experience self-efficacy and appreciation and gain self-confidence and social skills.
  • Stocking the shelves and using the cutting tools on the food promotes the development of fine motor skills.
  • Reality-imitating "analog" role play offers an ideal balance to the digital-heavy lives of children
  • Perfectly suitable for younger children: All "fresh" products communicate information via images instead of text, making it easy for even young children to understand.