The new "Gold Edition" – Special eye-catchers on the games shelf!

Games that go with the times! The "kidults" demographic which has been lucrative for the toy branch got its start as a trend segment before the current pandemic – with an increasing weariness with digital life, real games are becoming more important, especially for adults. With eight newly reinterpreted, classic (board)games of the "Gold Edition" product line, small foot is delivering the perfect solution for that!

Parlour games with a brand-new look!

Since the current pandemic started, many people were at home much more than they're used to. It's no wonder that many adults started playing games again. But this trend really isn't truly new: sales to the "Kidults" demographic has been growing for a long time, and the "Gold Edition" product line is seizing this trend perfectly! The new "Gold Edition" line of games includes the most popular classic games in new, modern looks, and with Wobbly Tower and Ludo with Chutes and Ladders to Four in a Row, Regatta Strategy Game, Solitaire and Nine Men's Morris, Malefiz and HalmaChess and BackgammonShut the Box Dice Game and the favourite Rummy, they offer a broad selection for your games shelf that perfectly combine game contents and great looks.

With their uniquely lovely, modern yet simple designs with noticeable gold accents combined with lots of visible wood and both trendy and pastel colours, all wishes will be fulfilled, especially for adults who play games. The stable construction, high-quality manufacturing, and pleasant haptics make the games of the "Gold Edition" a stylish addition to your assortment.

Product features that impress 100%:

  • Lots of visible, natural/untreated wood
  • Meticulously designed game pieces
  • Pleasant, high-quality haptics
  • Modern, grown-up look with gold accents and a minimalised design with clear geometric shapes
  • Black, white, and gold are the main colours of the series, complemented with popular trend colours and pastel colours for each individual game
  • The board games come as two-for-one, reversible products
  • Board games in compact, bisected formats are ideal for when you're on-the-go and on trips
  • Integrated magnets hold the two halves of the board games securely together and provide extra stability when playing upright
  • High-quality, durable game boxes offer a storage solution so nothing goes missing!
The "Gold Edition" – An absolute must for your parlour games assortment in every aspect!

Good to know! 💡Even more talking points for the sales consultation:

  • Playing promotes the development of concentration and logical thinking
  • Playing offers downtime and moments of relaxation away from everyday life and frees your mind
  • Playing develops social togetherness and special moments as a group (partners, friends, family)
  • Playing is a connective element between the older and younger generations
  • Playing creates feelings of happiness and awakens pleasant childhood memories
  • Playing offers variety away from the digital world (digital detox)

"Gold Edition" - A winner in its category in the truest sense of the word!

The "Gold Edition" product line is part of the new Category Champions from Legler! All of the relevant end customer demands, wishes, and needs stood in focus during the development of these new small foot innovations. The result is a series of parlour games the likes of which you won't find a second time on the market. Learn more about the term "Category Champion" and which small foot products are part of that group here!

And what's new for the youngest fans of fun board games?

Why, it's the four friends from the farm, of course! Have you seen the new "4 Friends" line of games with the four best friends, "Heinz" the rooster, "Fritz" the horse, "Olga" the cow, and "Schippy" the sheep?