Bow and Arrow "Active“

  • A small foot brand product
    small foot
    Happiness is made of wood! This is why small foot wooden toys make children so happy.
    • Exceptional design, made in Germany
    • Responsibility for quality and safety so children can play carefree
    • A love for wood - because it's a popular environmental winner
    • Playtime fun at a fair price - so that everyone can enjoy small foot
  • Highlights
    • Wooden bow-and-arrow set with three targets
    • Incl. 3 arrows with felt tips
    • Give unique designs to the targets' chalkboard surfaces
    • Incl. cotton bag with drawstring
    • Variable difficulty level
    • Trains dexterity, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy
    • For indoor and outdoor playtime fun
    • Goes together great with other games from the "Active" product line
  • Product features
    Dimensions: Bow approx. 42 x 15 x 2 cm, Arrow length: approx. 30 cm, Ø approx. 3 cm, Target board with standing base approx. 12 x 3 x 14 cm
    Brand: small foot
    Material: wood
    fabric/ cloth/ textiles
    EAN code: 4020972124784
    Age recommendation: 5+
    Weight incl. Packaging: 0,5
    Page Main Catalog: 235
    Contents: 1 bow, 3 arrows, 3 target boards with standing bases, 1 bag.
    Packaging: small foot-coloured box
  • Product information
    Accuracy required! With this toy bow-and-arrow set, the goal is to prove your arrow-shooting skills and hit the three targets with a steady hand. The distance to the targets with standing bases can be adjusted based on the age and ability of the players, allowing for a variable difficulty level. The three arrows with felt tips provide additional safety. It's an awesome sport toy that brings loads of fun for archers of all ages. The targets have chalkboard surfaces and can be designed as you wish with chalk. All of the accessories are well-stored and perfect for on-the-go thanks to the cotton bag with a drawstring!
    In addition to skill and concentration, this modern bow-and-arrow game also requires accuracy and consistency and is a true guarantor of playtime fun all year round as both an indoor and outdoor toy.